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The Leadership Program is an intensive learning experience. It provides a balance between learning and practicing as it encourages application of the ideas outside of the session. The program is designed to help leaders in the beef industry become more aware of all segments of the industry, make informed decisions on agricultural policy and public issues, and represent the beef industry to the public by becoming active at the local, state, and national levels.

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In September of 1988, the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s Education and Research Committee approved the idea of a Leadership Development Program at the urging of Dr. Curtis Absher and Joe Goggin. The first organizational subcommittee of the proposed leadership program met in Elizabethtown on December 12, 1988. The subcommittee members, consisting of Dr. Curtis Absher, Joe Goggin, Dr. JL Cole, Jeff Settles, Garland Bastin and Allen Goggin, met three times during the month of January 1989 to discuss the development and curriculum of the program. After this initial start the program was always considered a “future program” until it regrouped in December 1991 with a new source of funding. In January of 1992 the committee met and established the goals, objectives and format of the program and by October of that same year, Class I of the Leadership Development Program was underway.

Since 1992, seven classes of the Leadership Development Program have graduated. The following are the alumni for each class and each chairman of the Leadership Committee during those years:

Class I: 1992-1994, Chaired by Nelson Curry
Bert Jolly, Bruce Kimbell, Charles May, Charles Miller, Danny Ray Spalding, David Lawyer, Doug Shepherd, Dr. Carolyn Orr, Dr. Harry T. Ward, Faye Korthaus, George Graves, Greg Thomas, John Wilson, Keith Newman, Larry Clay, Larry Reber, Linda Anderson, Pat Clements, Ralph Hamilton, Rick Greenwell, Rick Thomas, Rob Congleton, Stephen Richardson, Steve Brangers

Class II: 1994-1996, Chaired by Jeff Settles
Bonnie Jolly, Brooks Peavler, Darrell Simpson, David Dooley, David Herbst, Dewayne Loy, Eddie Young, Gary Lancaster, Glenn Mackie, Greg Corbin, Greg Robey, James & Cherie Hall, James O'Keefe, Jerry Shartzer, Kathy Meyer, Kaye Richardson, Larry Akridge, Mark L. Quiggins, Mark Riley, Micheal McCain, Nick Carter, Stanley J Cottrell, Steve Jones, Thad Cheatham, Tim Medley, Tom Rickson, Tony Shirley, Vince Pfefferman

Class III: 1997-1999, Chaired by Jeff Settles
Ann Riggs, Billy Riney, Blair Hale, Darold Akridge, David Neal, Dean E. Craft, Doug C. Witt, Frank Hicks, George Henderman, Grant Hughes, Greg Magruder, Jason Sandefur, Jim Lacy, Jimmy Powell, John Salyer, Keith Hackworth, Larry Chesser, Lillian Kidwell, Mark Bates, Mary Beth Hendricks, Mike Reed, Nelson Curry, Pamela Dickmann, Ronnie Knox, Steve Berryman, Steve Spears, III, Tim Hendrick

Class IV: 2000-2002, Chaired by Joe Goggin
Bill Hundley, Brent Ware, Brent Woodrum, Chris Cantrell, Chris Lindon, Dan Shearer, David Lane, David Rogers, Ed Lanham Jr., Greg Goode, Henry Hall, Jeff Greenwell, Joe Bernard Luckett, John Fullenwider, John Gossage, John Helm, Paul Peterson, Kevin Lanham, Kevin Vaughn, Land Dale, Larry Smith, Les Anderson, Micheal Duckworth, Mike McQueen, Ray Rice, Rick Wallen, Rob Amburgey, Shane Wiseman, Thad Taylor, Travis Coomer, Wendell Richardson

*In July 2003, the Leadership Committee met and decided to temporarily postpone the Leadership Program due to the uncertainty with regard to funding. The program was reorganized in 2007 with Whayne Supply Company as the new sponsor.

Class V: 2007-2008, Chaired by Eddie Young
Betsy Ann Tracy, Bill Steward, Chris Cooper, Chuck Crutcher, Danielle Ford, Dave Kessler, David Lemaster, David Tucker, Jr., Gary Ford, James Osbourne, III, Joanna Coles, John Mark Brown, Kathy Stang, Lee Hood, Leslie Downs, Liz Kingsland, Malinda Cooper, Mary Kessler, Mike Stokley, Patrick Durham, Richard Medley, Ryan Miller, Steve Downs, Tim Shepherd, Todd Clark

Class VI: 2010-2011, Chaired by Chris Cooper
Andy Bishop, Anthony Moore, Blake Henderson, Bob Osbourne, Brandy Graves, Chad Conway, Dale Medley, Daniel Wilson, Dave Rings, Doug Marshall, Jeff Pettit, Jennifer Hudnall, Jon Bednarski, Justin Craig, Laura Cooper, Marion Crutcher, Matt Adams, Michelle Pettit, Mike Tobin, Patrick Wimsatt, Peggy Downs, Philip Mattingly, Reva Richardson, Ron Ray, SaraVard Von Gruenigen, Scott Sanders

Class VII: 2013-2014, Chaired by Andy Bishop
Amy Cecil, Casey Shaff, Casey Story, Chad Sullivan, Chris McBurney, Dan Miller, Daniel Hayden, Jade Sadler, Joe Banister, Josh Lakes, Kimberly Poe, Kirk Cecil, Leanna McGuire, Matt Medley, Paul Redmon, Shirley Ogden, Spencer Guinn, Steve Dunning, Taylor Smith, Traci Missun

Class VIII: 2016-2017, Chaired by Spencer Guinn
Aaron Burke, Allan Bryant, Amanda Conley, Anne Bays, Beau Neal, Bo Tate, Brandon Gilles, Bud Blair, Carolyn Madson, Chase Porter, Chris Mitchell, Danielle Hayden, Elaine Thomas, Heath Mineer, Ian Thomas, Jacob Settles, Julie Waits, Justin Carter, Kenton Vaughn, Kevin Girdley, Kiah Twisselman, Mark Downs, Mark Thomas, Michelle Simon, Nathan Lawson, Nicole Goecke, Samantha Downs

Class IX: 2019-2020, Chaired by Jacob Settles
Michael Furnish, Chad Anglin, Reed Graham, Laura Sue Barber, Zach Heibert, Erik Holbrook, Brian Reynolds, Caleb Schaeffer, Ben Crites, Jackson Tolle, Griffin Huelsman, Kellie Samuels, Lisa K. Baesler, Weston Boone, Lauralee Estill, Lindsay Phillips, Dylan Smith, John Pedigo, Katelyn Hawkins, Mackenzie Miller

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