The Mission of the Kentucky Cattlemen's Foundation is to pursue opportunities that promote the profitability of the cattle industry in Kentucky through educational and philanthropic endeavors.




2012 Foundation Board of Trustees
Name County Phone #
David Sparrow Boyle (502) 738-5357
Harvey Mitchell Mercer (859) 734-0515
Dr. David Williams Boyle (859) 236-0400
Dr. Curtis Absher Jessamine (859) 887-4242
Mike Bach Bath (606) 674-2953
Corinne Kephart Shelby (502) 633-6786
Dr. Jack Kimbrough Shelby (502) 633-6833
Dell King Christian (270) 886-8118
Dr. C. Oran Little Fayette (859) 266-4244
Don Pemberton Christian  
Paul Napier Lincoln (606) 365-2589
Billy Ray Smith Warren (270) 782-1294
Billy Glenn Turpin Madison (859) 623-7219
John Venable Clark (859) 744-2916


The Kentucky Cattlemen's Foundation is excited to offer assistance for animal shelters across the state of Kentucky. This assistance will allow for shelter expansion, improvement or general needs like food to ensure the well-being of the animals in the shelter.

The idea was announced by Jim Gage, a producer in Boyle County and a member of the KCA Executive Committee, at a meeting in March. Mr. Gage donated over $5,000 worth of dog and cat food to a local animal shelter in Danville last year and thought it would be beneficial for County Associations across the state to take a stand for animals by supporting their local animal shelters. "It is important for everyone to support their local shelters and communities. So many people donate to groups like the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and think they are helping their local animal shelter, when in fact this money is never seen at the local level." stated Gage. Mr. Gage offered to fund a program through the Kentucky Cattlemen's Foundation to support animal shelters through the local county associations.

[ 2015 Animal Shelter Assistance Winner Press Release ]



The Kentucky Large/Food Animal Veterinary Incentive Program, funded by the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund and supported by several key Kentucky agricultural organizations, was developed to help alleviate shortages in the state’s large-animal medical workforce. Increasing the number of large-animal veterinarians, vet technicians and technologists within the Commonwealth is vitally important to the ongoing health of Kentucky’s livestock population. As several areas of Kentucky do not have a local veterinarian to attend to cattle, horses or other farm animals, this program was designed to encourage veterinary school graduates to pursue a career with large/food animals.

To qualify for the program, applicants must hold either a degree in veterinary medicine from an accredited college or university, or have completed an accredited two-year veterinary technician or four-year technologist program. All those considered for the incentive had to be in their first, second or third year of practice post-graduation and have chosen to pursue a veterinary career that devotes at least 50 percent of its time to large/food animals.

The Kentucky Farm Bureau Education Foundation administers this program on behalf of the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Foundation, which launched the initiative after receiving a $100,000 donation for the purpose of encouraging large-animal practice in the state. The Kentucky Agricultural Development Board later approved an additional $1 million investment for the program.

Winners of Veterinary Incentive Program
Year Name University Attended Veterinarian School
2012 Dr. Nathaniel Glaza Morehead State University Auburn
2012 Dr. James Lewis Murray State University Auburn
2012 Dr. Lauran Williams Murray State University Auburn
2011 Dr. Travis England Western Kentucky University Auburn
2011 Dr. Ellie Gripshover University of Kentucky Auburn
2011 Dr. Luther Parker University of Kentucky Auburn
2010 Dr. Patricia Davis Western Kentucky University Tuskegee
2010 Dr. Angela Ott Western Kentucky University & University of Kentucky St. Georges University
2010 Dr. Ryan Wonderlich Western Kentucky University Auburn